Don’t Use trial version of Video Editor Tech Smith Camtasia


If you want to edit a video from PC and you are trying to use Techsmith Camtasia Video editor, it will be your wrong design.

When you decided to use Camtasia, you will definitely go to Camtasia official website to download trial version Camtasia trial version is for 1 month only. after then you are unable to use this video editor.

Now the trial version of Camtasia is installed in your PC. You have started editing your video. It will definitely take more than 1 hour. After than you will export your video for public platform as like YouTube. Than you realized that you have to public your video with “Techsmith Camtasia Water Mark”.

In the trial version of Camtasia you have only 2 option at the time of video export, (1) Produce with watermark & (2) Buy Now or Enter Key.

Conclusion : That means you have wasted your time to edit your video and you have wasted your 516 MB mobile data.

Note : Comment your views about Camtasia Video Editor.


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